Investments in logistics hub


Purchase land plot for construction of warehouses and investment into the logistics hub for the construction materials


  • 1

    Acquire all the permits and regulatory documentation for the construction of the object and the necessary infrastructure

  • 2

    Ensure the installation of the electrical substation

  • 3

    Repair the driveways

  • 4

    The object had to have clean history and documentation


  • 1

    Well Done acquired all the approvals and permits for the road repairs and electrical substation installation

  • 2
    The agreement has been reached with the local authorities to compensate the expenditures via the construction tax, resulting in client saving a considerable investment amount


1 month
Client acquired a 5 000 m2 land plot with permit to construct 5 000 m2 of warehousing objects

Later on the project has been sold, with the revenue doubling the investment amount
PROJECT COST - €650 000