Managing investments in the real estate in Montenegro
STAGE I. Investment modelling
  • 1
    Investment analysis of the market and independent review of the real estate objects
  • 2
    Investment project offers. Forming a personalised catalogue of objects and projects for investment
  • 3
    Market grounding and conceptualisation of the future project
  • 4
    Risk management. Risk strategy development
  • 5
    Financial consulting: optimisation of expenses and the tax base
STAGE II. Realising the project
  • 1
    Administrative and technical support
    • Licensing and permitting from the government organs and branches
    • Getting geodesic conclusions and their review
    • Development of project’s documentation, coordination with the authorities, getting all the permits and the expertise required for project
    • Acceptance by the commission of the completed project and commissioning
    • Legal support for the project
  • 2
    Introduction to the trusted circle of partners and counterparties
    • Professional building companies
    • Design bureaus tested with time
    • Effective marketing agencies for project promotion
STAGE III. Managing the investment real estate
  • 1
    Selection of trusted rentees
  • 2
    Oversight of rent income
  • 3
    Support of the object lifecycle, service and technical support and oversight
  • 4
    Financial and tax support
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